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Bhavnagar was named in honor of its founder Bhavsinhji Gohil which is now the administrative Headquarter of Bhavnagar District. Bhavnagar is considered a city of education & culture as well as its known as cultural capital of Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

Bhavnagar has always been an important city for trade with many large and small scale industries along with the world's largest ship breaking yard (Alang) located 47 km away. Palitana Jain temples, the important holy place of Jains, situated 51 km away, and Velavadar national park, home to endangered species of wolves, antelopes and blackbucks, is situated 42 km away. Bhavnagar is an important Centre for the diamond cutting and polishing industry in Gujarat as well as in India.This city is blessed with the beautiful beaches & ports which connects the world.

By Air :

Air-India has started its connectivity between Mumbai and Bhavnagar. This flight will be a great relief to frequent flyers between these cities. Its 74 passengers ATR 72-600 aircraft, takes off from Mumbai at 17:15 hrs and lands in Bhavnagar at 18:30 hours. Air India returned flight AI-9652 departs from Bhavnagar at 19:00 hours and arrives at Mumbai airport at 20:15 hours.

By Train :

The city is well connected with the rail lines to all major cities and towns so people will not face any difficulty in reaching the place smoothly and comfortably. There is a weekly train that runs from Bhavnagar to other parts of India. Efcee Sarovar Premiere is just 7 minutes away from the Bhavnagar terminal.

By Road :

The Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) runs regular buses to and fro from Bhavnagar to other cities of Gujarat. Bhavnagar is well connected with Gujarat State Highways, National Highway 6. There are a number of private bus operators connecting the city with Ahmedabad, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and other states of India.

Places of Interest:

Alang :

Alang is a census town in Bhavnagar district in the Indian state of Gujarat. In the past three decades, its beaches have become a major worldwide centre for ship breaking. The longest ship ever built, Seawise Giant, was sailed to and beached here for demolition in December 2009. It is considered the world's largest graveyard of ships. The yards are located on the Gulf of Khambat, 47 kilometres southeast of Bhavnagar .

Velavadar(Blackbuck) National Park :

Blackbuck National Park at Velavadar is situated 42 kms in the Bhavnagar District of Gujarat state, India .The fauna population of the park mainly includes blackbucks, wolves, Macqueen's bustards, hyenas and lesser floricans, with foxes, jackals and jungle cats as the main carnivores. Other species include wild pigs, hares and rodents typical of the savannah type grasslands and thorn scrubs. Among birds, sandgrouse and larks are seen in fair numbers. Though the park is open throughout the year, the period between monsoon and winter (normally, mid-June to the end of March) is recommended. The best time to visit is from December to March as many species of migratory birds including three species of harriers, the lesser florican, eagles and waders can be seen here .

Palitana :

Palitana is a city in Bhavnagar district, Gujarat, India. It is located 51 km southwest of Bhavnagar city and is a major pilgrimage centre for Jains. Palitana is associated with Jain legends and history. Adinath, the first of the Jain tirthankaras, is said to have meditated on the Shatrunjaya hill, where the Palitana temples were later constructed. Palitana is the world’s only mountain that has more than 900 temples. The Palitana temples and whole mountain are considered the most sacred pilgrimage place (tirtha) by the Jain community, and is the world's largest Temple Complex.

Victoria Park :

Spread over 500 acres, is one of the oldest man-made forest reserves in India. It boasts of more than 1 lac trees and exquisite flora & fauna.

Barton Library :

The history of ceremony of giving home of this public Barton Library of old Bhavnagar State, begins from 30.12.1882. This history goes back up to A.D 1860. It is also associated with Chhagan Prasad Desai Library. The history of the library activity of Bhavnagar State is attached with Chhagan Prasad Desai Library situated at Voar Bazar, Bhavnagar. At the time of Chhagan Prasad Desai Library was the first in kathiawad and among the Gujarati Language area, it was fourth in the rank after Ahmedabad, Surat and Bharuch. Thus, the history of this Library Institute is 144 years old.

Ganga Deri :

This is very old marble masterpiece 'Deri' meaning a small scale temple. It has very good carvings and is an architectural master piece. This is situated near Gaurishankar Talav - Lake and has fountain surrounding this structure. Marble screens and minute details of elemental carvings are very very good. It is a two storied structure which reminds one of elements of Taj Mahal. It is not maintained at all and when I visited recently - I was shocked to see the its condition. I hope Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation maintains it well and gets back to its glory.

Khodiyaar Mandir :

Khodiyar temple, named after the principle deity, venerated by the royal family and the natives around, was built in the year 1911. The temple visited by thousands of pilgrims is located on the banks of the Khodiayar Lake, which attracts tourists from all the surrounding areas. Quite often followers of the goddess walk long distances to revere the goddess.

Takteshwar Mandir :

Commissioned by Maharaja Takhatsihnji in the 1893 AD, Takhteshwar temple is one of the oldest temples in Gujarat. Takhteshwar temple is perched on a hillock boasts finest Gujarat style of architecture making it one of the most appealing temples in Bhavnagar. Supported on 18 ornately carved pillars, the temple has a beautiful main hall, featuring a three-eyed Lord Shiva idol. Magnificent courtyard of the temple, right below the 'sikhara', boasts exquisite marble work carving is noteworthy and boasts small statue of Nandi. One will have to pass through marble-clad pedestrian stairs to reach the main temple. From the temple, one gets to see the spectacular view of Gulf of Cambay. During the Shivratri festival, the temple is thronged by devotees from all over the world.